Understand Hair Loss And Estrogen - The Connection much more

Hair loss can be fixed. There are only just a few simple changes that need to be made to adjust the hormones that cause hair loss.

DHT is the hormone that causes hair loss. This hormone is known to cause many health conditions and diseases and is sometimes called the "death hormone". It is wildly assumed that testosterone is the cause of DHT. This is a common misconception and is not the case. Estrogen, the female hormone, is what causes the production of DHT. Therefore hair loss can only be stopped by the reduction of estrogen.

There has been a recent study that showed that the average fifty year old female had less estrogen then the average fifty year old male! Its studies like this that shows how important it is for the estrogen issues to be addressed.

Now it's more common than ever before to see the issues of estrogen dominance. That's because we have more chemicals polluting our foods and in the environment. This must be address to stop hair loss.

Is it possible for us to stop the environmental pollution that causes estrogen? Not really. But we can each do our part.

Diet is another great way to help prevent estrogen and hair loss. One great way to help prevent this problem is to eat a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and veggies. While it may seem like multi-vitamins may be the easiest way to go, nothing can replace the national value of a well balanced diet.

Hair Loss

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Hair Loss And Estrogen - The Connection

Hair Loss