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The treatment of cancer reached a new high on the arrival of chemotherapy. This treatment is meant for killing the cancer cells with the help of the anti cancer drugs by subjecting them in our body. There are several types of chemotherapy performed for the removal of cancer cells from our body. One of the methods is the CHOP chemotherapy method.

This treatment is purposely used for a type of cancer in a lymphatic system, known as the Non-Hodgkin lymphoma otherwise called as CHOP. The name CHOP has been named after the drugs used in this type of chemotherapy.

C stands for Cyclophosphamide.
H stands for Hydrodaunorubicin, chemical name of Doxorubicin
O stands for Oncovin
P stands for Prednisolone.

This treatment is given on the day time usually. Before the treatment commences, a blood test has to be taken on the same day. Based on the report of the blood test, the chemotherapy is performed. During the treatment, a flexible tube called cannula is inserted into the vein of the patient through the arms or through the collarbone as well. It will be painful, but for sometime. After the initial set up, the drugs are injected in combinations with help of a syringe.

Normally the drugs inserted into the vein will be in the following order;

Doxorubicin followed by, Oncovin and finally Cyclophosphamide. On the same day the tablets of Prednisolone are given. The patients have to take only the Prednisolone tablets for next 3 weeks and then have to undergo the same type treatment mentioned above, after the completion of tablets. Normally the treatment goes on for 3 to 4 months.


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Chop Chemotherapy Treatment