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There are numerous different methods that can be employed to treat colon cancer. One of the most popular method is chemotherapy. This is a medical treatment that pertains to particular medications that are utilized to kill off the cancer cells that are invading the patient's body.

These drugs are administered in distinct ways - which include; intravenously over a pump, intravenously with injection, or taken orally with a pill. The types of drugs that the person will receive and how much of it they get is established by the kind of cancer that they are suffering from and how far advanced it is.

While chemotherapy is a rather effective operation it does have its definite drawbacks that some people are fearful to face. The medication used during the process will help to remove all of the cancer cells - which are traveling and dividing through the body at a quick rate. Yet, it will likewise get rid of the healthy cells contained inside the body. These include the lining of the GI tract, bone marrow, membranes that line the mouth, and hair follicles.

When these healthy cells are destroyed the patient will hurt from particular side effects which include;

Hair loss
Sore mouth
Nausea and vomiting
Loss in appetite
Rash on feet and hands

Because of the decrease of bone marrow the person's immune system will be low and they will be at a higher risk for an infection and bruising from small injuries. It will also induce fatigue because their red blood cell count is quite low and this is able to induce anemia.

These side effects may differ counting on the type of drugs that the doctor is administering to you. Hair loss is something that is less popular in many of the common colon cancer chemotherapy treatments. Your physician can tell you the side effects that may take place and how you will have the ability to deal with them.

Chemotherapy Hair Loss

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Understanding the Different Side Effects of Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy Hair Loss