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Chemotherapy Hair Loss

Often times, hair loss due to chemotherapy is one of the most difficult aspects of the entire process. While the medications that are contained in chemotherapy are effective at killing cancer cells, they can also damage your hair follicles. Happily, hair regrowth after chemotherapy can be encouraged in many ways. It can often take between two weeks and three months for hair to begin growing back after chemotherapy, so you must exercise patience during this time period. When the hair does begin to grow back, it will often be quite fine and brittle. Therefore avoid excessive brushing of your hair and make sure you always use a soft bristled brush to do so.

Hair regrowth after chemotherapy can also be encouraged by the use of certain shampoos and conditioners. Ideally, you should choose a set that contains natural ingredients that can not only encourage hair growth, but also heal scarred skin. Under no circumstances should you engage in heavy styling processes, like perming or dyeing your hair, for the first six months after their hair begins to grow. Hair loss after chemotherapy occurs because the hair follicles of the scalp have been damaged, and the use of heavy styling processes can increase this amount of damage. You can also choose to consult a dermatologist on methods of how to increase hair growth. The dermatologist may prescribe the use of minoxidil, which is the basic ingredient found in products to stimulate rapid hair growth.

Finally, there has been some anecdotal evidence in clinical trials that the use of nylon pillows can be detrimental to new hair growth, because the nylon pillows can irritate one's scalp. As an individual begins the process of hair growth after chemotherapy, he or she should be willing to "expect the unexpected". Often times, certain individuals have reported that the texture or color of their hair has changed once it begins to grow back. For example, a person who previously had straight hair may now have curly hair. Most importantly, a person should make an effort to keep their stress levels at a minimum during this trying time. Overwhelming stress levels can also contribute to potential hair loss.

Regrowing hair naturally is very effective but as with all natural ingredients, it does work quite slowly. Continue on to my site for further natural hair loss remedies that allow you to achieve quicker hair regrowth after chemotherapy. However if you want a faster method to treat your thinning or loss of hair, you may want to consider using an actual product that contains natural ingredients. See our reviews of the best hair regrowth products that also treats scalps which have undergone the rigorous treatment of chemo.

Hair Growth After Chemotherapy - Take These Best Steps to Regrow Your Hair Naturally and Quickly

Chemotherapy Hair Loss