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Chemotherapy, one of the methods for cancer treatment, is performed by subjecting the anti-cancer drugs into the bloodstream and killing all the cancer cells in the body. It could be used both ways, in sense, before performing the surgery as well as after performing the surgery. In the first case, it is used to reduce the size of the tumors and the latter is to kill the cancer cells that remain even after the surgery is performed.

Chemotherapy method started to emerge from the year 1940, initially nitrogen mustards and folic acids were employed. Now-a-days modern version of chemotherapy is performed but the limitations and the principles which are used in the older days remain unchanged.

The first solid cell tumor called choriocarcenoma, in the year 958, was cured by the chemotherapy treatment using a drug called mehotrexate, by the National Cancer Institute, shortly known as NCI.

The combination therapy was started in the year 1965. James Holland and Emil Freireich formulated the cancer chemotherapy should follow the strategy of combination of drugs. The combination should vary for different cancers.

Gianni Bonadonna of Italy proved that adjuvant chemotherapy cures the breast cancer to more extent, even when the cancer cells spread out to the other parts.

As the chemotherapy not only cured the cancer, but also brought up some side effects in most of the cases. So it was necessary to use a supportive therapy in the form of antibiotics.

Alkylating agents, anti-metabolits, anthracyclines, antitumor antibiotics, monoclonal antibodies, platinums, or plant alkaloids, are the chemotherapy treatment methods.


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The History of Chemotherapy