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Are you losing your hair or is someone close to you beginning to notice thinning hair?

It can be quite distressing, even causing panic!

No doubt the first thing that comes to mind is: "What causes hair loss?"

Followed quickly of course by: "What can be done about it!"

This article deals with some main causes, and the end of the article will direct you to a good source for what can be done about it!

Some causes of hair loss can be temporary.

For example, chemotherapy treatment for cancer patients often results in hair loss.

Pregnancy and childbearing can also cause hair thinning in women due to the changes in hormone levels etc. in a woman's body during this time.

Some hair products can be harsh and result in hair loss too.

All these causes as mentioned above are generally temporary.

After chemotherapy treatment is completed, hair can return. Some months after childbirth a woman's hair can start to recover. Leave off harsh hair products and treat your hair kindly and you can greatly reduce the risk of hair loss too!

But no doubt you are more concerned if there are deeper concerns.

So apart from the reasons given above...

What else causes thinning hair?

Just growing older for one thing. Here are some interesting statistics from a British medical institution regarding the number of hair follicles normally found in one square centimeter of the scalp area:

During one's twenties and thirties expect around 615 per square centimeter.
After 50 this can drop to around 485.
And at age 80 there is a small further drop to about 435.

In addition to this, the hair itself changes in texture and volume. So the hair itself actually becomes thinner as we grow older which is why we sense our hair is not as thick as it used to be.

So can anything be done to stave off the fateful day when we may start losing hair as we grow older?


Give attention to your diet. A poor diet can contribute to hair loss. A healthy diet full of proteins, minerals, and vitamins, can not only benefit the whole body but your hair especially.

One cause of hair loss definitely within our control is smoking!

There seems to be a steady stream of research findings that indicate a higher incidence of hair loss and baldness with smokers than with non-smokers.

Should that be surprising? Hardly.

What happens when a person smokes cigarettes?

It has an effect on the circulatory system of the body. So an impeded blood circulation to the scalp area means less nutrients and oxygenated blood are reaching the hair follicles.

The result? Follicles can shut down and the hair falls out!

This information is a start in getting answers to the question: What causes hair loss? But there's a lot more...

Hair Loss

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What Causes Hair Loss?

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